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About us

Margrethes great grandfather bought the farm Neset in 1903 and ever since then the farm has been owned by Margrethe’s family. Neset is located by the riverside of Vefsna and in the outer ranges of the village Ner-Svenningdal, two kilometres from the city centre of Trofors.

The farmhouse Bakarstuo was actually moved from Hattfjelldal to Neset in 2016 and has over the last couple of years been thoroughly restored, using a lot of the original building material. Neset is today well visited by guests and tourists.

Bakarstuo has four bedrooms with common bathroom, kitchen and living room which can be rented as a whole unit. Connected to the building one can also find the the bakery with its production run by the traditional wood-fired oven. The hosts of Bakarstuo also run and rent out a mountain cabin 60 kilometres away from Neset, at Majafjellet. From Bakarstuo you can also order guided tours around the area, and explore nature and culture events.

The hosts of Bakarstuo is Margrethe Jønsson and Terje Bjørhusdal. Margrethe and Terje love the outdoor life, nature and the culture and traditions of their region. They have a passion for hiking, hunting, fishing and organic and natural foods and traditional cooking and food culture, a passion they love sharing with their guests. To stay at Bakarstuo is to relax, enjoy, experience and learn new things – and at the same time feel at home.

“We know the rivers, the lakes, the forest and the people of Vefsna, and we would love to share all of it with you.” Margrethe Jønsson

Our values

We highly value and care for the resources in nature and culture, and run our business consciously on the principle of sustainability, ecology and nature friendliness. We choose local products and goods, local equipment and partners.

By the reuse of building material and furniture, by using wall paint from linseed oil in the interiors of our buildings, by recycling waste and producing our own food, we aim to live by those values every day.

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