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Welcome to the warm, nostalgic and extraordinary farmhouse Bakarstuo, by the riverside of Vefsna. The timber walls and rustic interior invites you to tune into the history of this 160 year old building, and at the same time enjoy the comfort of modern facilities.

Bakarstuo includes four bedrooms with a common bathroom on the first floor and common kitchen and living room on the ground floor. When booking Bakarstuo, you rent the whole unit.

If you follow the lovely rural road from Bakarstuo you reach Trofors two kilometres down the road. The road is great for both biking and walking.

If you dream of waking up by the river Vefsna, heading straight out to go fishing, rafting or paddling, Bakarstuo is the right place for you. And when out of the water, you can continue staying close to the river by gathering around the fireplace on the riverside, right outside the Bakarstuo. If the Northern Norwegian weather shows its cold and rainy side, the shelter is right by your side. At Bakarstuo there is also a place for drying off wetsuits or hiking equipment.



  • The four bedrooms are suited both as single rooms and double rooms
  • Three bedrooms including 120 cm beds
  • One bedroom including a 120 cm bed and a 75 cm bed
  • Towels are included and the beds are made with linen sheets, for the best comfort for our guests.
  • Common bathroom with shower, toilet and washing machine on the second floor.
  • Gode parkeringsmuligheter
  • Kjøkken med komfyr, oppvaskmaskin, vannkoker, kaffetrakter, kjøleskap og alt av kjøkkenutstyr
  • Restroom on the ground floor
  • Living room with television
  • Kitchen equipped with stove, dishwasher, water boiler, coffee maker, fridge and all the things you need to enjoy your cooking and meals.
  • Free Wifi
  • Parking
  • Living room with television

Important: Be aware of the steep stairs connecting ground floor and first floor. The stairs are dated back to the origin of the farmhouse and are not suited for disabled.

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